Sunday, 28 August 2016

My dreams..

Hye I just want to chit chat about myself and maybe a piece of my dream because from my first post I still not introduce myself..So, my name is Nurain Husna Binti Muryono and I still counting day for oficially 18 years old.muehehe okay actually just only one day.But tomorrow i will have exam bio so I think hmm..tomorrow will be the hectic day for me.

So,my big dream as a daughter to my parent is I must repay their deeds to me,they have raising me until now and always stay by my side even when happy and sad.Thet are my medicine when I feel down and sad,they never give up to always give advice and support me.So I want to repay them with my great result and has a good work in the future.I want to take care both of them until the end of my shaa Allah.I want bring them to do the Umrah and Haji with my own money and want brings them travel around the shaa Allah.I want to make my parent proud with me.I know it hard to raising 4 children in this kind of world which everything need money and we still asking them.So now I want to change myself to be a better person and change my life.hmm..I thinks thats is m big dream for now which is I have to study hard and make my parent proud of me and make my ambition come true and repay my parent deeds.I will happy if my parent happy because their bless are very inportant to me as their daughter and they are my backbone to my life..

That all ok for now cause when I typing this,it can make me cry for a day because everyday im missing them

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